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MAY WISHLIST | Whimsical Wednesday

I love lists. I make a lot of lists.Grocery list, To-do list, To-buy list, Craiglist (kiddin’ haven’t been on that site) Wanderlist and of course a Wishlist.
And of course, I do have a wishlist for this month! Here it is:

I feel like I need this when I’ll be traveling to colder places or during the rainy season since my really old jacket isn’t exactly waterproof nor is it any good for a windy day.

It’s floral. Come on.

I just think convertible bags are travel-friendly. You can use it as a backpack when going around the city or a cross body bag when you have your bigger backpack with you. And you can use it whatever your outfit demands lol.

I need a better watch. The second XOXO watch I bought faded days after using it. boo.

Arm candy.

Midi rings are fashionable, aren’t they. And crowns for my favorite kpop group, Bigbang.

My eyes need protection too.

I’ve been wanting a nude eyeshadow palette for a while now. Urban decay is too expensive for me.

Melted or LA Girl’s Glazed lip paint will do.

A girl needs to smell good.
What’s on your wishlist?

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