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Jinio or JinioPH: A Review

UPDATE: Here’s a newer one if you’re interested

I wanted to buy a Ben Nye translucent powder but due to LBC Shipping cart’s price increase and “improvements” I thought it would be too expensive (roughly about $16 -$21 by air cargo). I stumbled upon Jinio in a forum while I was looking for other US to PH third party forwarders. So I made an account and ordered the powder from Amazon.

(Other than the first picture, all other screenshots were screen capped from Jinio’s website and emails.)


It was kind of late when I realized I had to “verify” my account which includes sending a signed USPS form and pictures of 2 valid IDs. I was unsure of some things in the verification process but their team was able to respond rapidly to my queries via email. jinioo

My parcel arrived in their warehouse on March 21 and I got this email on March 23.


I logged in and indeed it was there in my account.


I then immediately paid for it. The paying process was hassle free just too bad they don’t accept Paypal. ((UPDATE: THEY NOW ACCEPT PAYPAL))



Enter a caption


After completing the payment process, I got 2 emails. Another one was a receipt.

jinio pay

I think their promise is to deliver the goods in 7-12 business days. Mine was delivered in their Oton branch on April 6. A total of 8 business days.

Their provincial counterpart is LBC


Inside the LBC packaging is another XEND wrapper.



Here are *some* of the pros and cons:


  1. They consolidate. They remove excess packaging so the chargeable weight will be reduced. This is a very good thing for those who love shopping in Amazon since they usually put items in really big boxes.
  2. Their website is user-friendly.
  3. They provide all the necessary details like the ones below. Again, those who regularly shop in Amazon might find this very convenient and useful especially if your purchase is eligible for sales tax refund. (Sidenote: I wasn’t able to get my tax refund from my items I shipped through Shipping cart because the details in their website and bill of lading were lacking thus the rejection. Update on this: Read update no. 5 on a possible way to get a sales tax refund from Amazon if your forwarder is Shipping cart. I’ll write a separate post about it soon.)powder.PNG
  4. They respond to emails fast.
  5. The pictures they provide are large and of better quality than… ahem.
  6. (For now) The parcels are reflected in your account in 2 days or less.


  1. No paypal and only mode of payment is by credit card. (They now accept Paypal and Debit cards!)
  2. Their DIM factor is 139 compared to others which is 166.
  3. Provincial shipping (in my area) is not door-to-door. I had to pick mine up in LBC Oton branch which is kind of far from my home even if they are in the same municipality. If I knew I had to pick it up, I could have used our address in the city.
  4. The verification process. (which might be a bit of a hassle for some)
  5. Additional charge ($0.75) per pound for provincial deliveries.


Overall thoughts: I would like to try their service again. I won’t be worried about shopping in Amazon and getting my tax refund.

Til next time!



47 thoughts on “Jinio or JinioPH: A Review

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with Jinio. I was actually looking for other US to PH third party forwarders, coz I do really have a bad experience with ShippingCart.

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  2. Question about the verification process: Did you print the application form out? It says I need to sign with my signature on it.


    1. Hello! We have a place in the city and in Oton. I haven’t tried Kangoexpress but if we are to compare Shippingcart and Jinio, I’ll go with Jinio. My experience with Shipping cart wasn’t very good and I’ve been receiving comments on my other blog post about Shipping cart from their customers saying that their stuff were lost and some have gotten the wrong items. May MSB man, try mo check kay free man shipping nila pa Iloilo galing wala sila ga consolidate 🙂


  3. Hi have you tried ordering from colourpop.. i ordered last month like 25 pcs assorted makeups from them and my shipping fee was 25 dollars tru usps And the saddest part is it has to go through customs/philpost. Kung saan hindi ka nkakasigurado kung matatanggap mo pa ang package mo. (Sad to say. Wow pilipins nga eka ng iba😂) Pero natanggap ko nmn pagkayari ng mahabang panahon at mga gabing hindi mkatulog kakaisip kung nsan na yung package ko. Haha

    Anyways ask ko lng sana kung sakaling na ka order kna sa colourpop mag kano kaya lahat lahat ng magagstos ko sa shipping pag umorder ulit ako ng mga 25 pcs using jinio?


    1. Hi! I did order from colourpop and like you, I shipped them thru USPS as CP had a free international shipping promo last time hehe. I have yet to receive my package but I am not very worried as they provided a working tracking number and the guys at my local post office are honest and friendly. But yes, it is indeed verrrrrrry slow… I have yet to receive my stuff. I actually was planning on having my order shipped thru MSB had they not had the promo. I calculated the box’s volumetric weight (I was hoping I’ll get a box and not an ugly envelope lol) to be 2lbs. So my estimate was around $12-14… this might not be accurate though.


      1. Well got mine in a box.. and i think it weighs 0.92 kilos as what it says there.. that would be less than 2 pounds i think.. meron pba ibang bbyaran bukod dun sa weight nung package.. sa lbc ksi may door to door delivery charge 10 dollars i think..

        And one more thing.. do i have to print out the usps form? Parang ang hassle nmn non.hehe


        1. Oh then better use the 2lbs as a reference as they use whichever is higher (volumetric or dimensional wt vs actual wt). If you want to be more certain of the chargeable wt, measure the dimensions of the box and divide it by the forwarder’s DIM factor (139 for jinio last time I checked.) Jinio has a delivery fee of $0.75 per pound. Check out MSB na rin, I’m eyeing them for my next CP purchase 🙂


  4. Hi sis.. is it ok kung mag kaiba and shipping address sa billing address? Colourpop keeps declining my card. 😢 Gamit ko jinio address ko tpos sa billing address ko dto sa philippines..


    1. For me it was okay… I’ve tried it with my order, different addresses but same country. Siguro now that they’ve rolled out international shipping, they’re requiring the shipping and the billing address to be in the same country. That happened to me with my other orders from other websites and I was told that is to avoid credit card fraud/theft.
      Or maybe it’s with your credit card? BDO more frequently rejects my international purchases while BPI doesn’t.


  5. Any suggestions what to do? I only have one card.. already used it before for my first transaction but same shipping and billing address.. i really want to use jinio coz my shipping fee using usps for my second order now is 55 dollars.. mayyghhadd😭


    1. Choose the US as your country and use a state that closely resembles your province, do the same with the zipcode. For me, I chose Illinois (IL) since I live in Iloilo (ILO). I suggested this to some people before and I’ve tried it a couple of times and it worked lol. I hope it works for you dear.


  6. Thank you for this review! I’m looking to try for paisa isang items lang cos it looks affordable din. But looking at how Jinio consolidates your items to minimize shipping costs, and how accommodating they are in answering your queries (even offering to return one of your items for free), I think i’ll try this soon! Sana lang they’ll keep being this way kahit dumami na customers nila. XD

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    1. I’ve never heard of USKoop before. I’ll check it out. As for Jinio, I have high hopes that they remain this way. I really like their service and there was never a time I had to call them up because of a serious issue.

      Thank you for dropping by dear!


  7. Hi there,
    I am abit confused and I hope you can help me.
    How do I Apply for tax exemption program in Amazon?
    A step by step would really be appriciated. ☺ I have an upcoming order and I am using Jinio for the first time.😥


    1. Hi, please do check out the link I posted here or in my reply to the first comment on this post. The instructions are provided by amazon and it’s pretty straighforward, just follow their instructions and make sure your documents have the complete details they need (which is also mentioned in the link). Also, keep in mind that not all purchases in Amazon have sales tax, check your order invoice/receipt to be sure.


  8. Hi po! 😀 I have only 2 valid ID’s (SSS and PRC) but I’m in doubt to send a picture of my PRC ID since my registration/license number is written there and other important informations. I want to hear your suggestion/s. Thank you! 😀


  9. “delivery attempted: business was closed”: this was the message sent to me by amazon. i tried the USPS online redelivery request but the jinio address is not eligible for redelivery dont know why . i emailed jinio about this and got no reply.


  10. Hi.

    Actually first time kong mag-order online so I try to search for a review ng mga shipping forwarders. Months na din ako nagse-search about third party shipping. My orders are 10+ items with almost electronics/gadgets.

    Could you help me? My choices are now with these 3 Shipping forwarders.
    *lbc shipping cart

    Thank you.


    1. Hi! Other than power banks, I’ve never bought electronics internationally and I’m pretty sure they come with higher taxes. You might want to consult the couriers you mentioned about the taxes and/or handling fee that might come with those.


  11. Hi. Any suggestion from US to Cebu. MyShoppingBox vs USAdirectPHL vs Jinio in terms of cheapest and fastest. Shipping cellphone accessories (headset, phone case)


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