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Jinio PH: Take 2 Review


I wrote about Jinio last time here and I was actually satisfied with their service. This time I planned to buy some more stuff but from Walmart (and Amazon) and I wanted to try MSB (My Shopping Box) with this transaction. However, I wasn’t sure if all the items  will be shipped together in one parcel and MSB doesn’t consolidate so… back to Jinio.

And surely I can say, I made the right decision since my one transaction from Walmart arrived in 5 separate parcels. Four is only shown this picture because I had to return one.

jinio take 2
One parcel from Amazon and the other 4 (supposedly five) from Walmart. The column that says “Date Paid” is actually the date those stuff arrived in their warehouse.
One by one they arrived starting with the prescription glasses from Amazon. Items were processed and reflected in my account in only a day or two.

And one day I got an email from them that is not the usual “Your parcel from… has arrived” email. It was about the condition of one of  my shipment from Walmart. My eyeshadow palette and highlighter were broken! I saw how it was packaged and there was no bubble wrap or any protective stuff in there at all.

It wasn’t reflected in my account but they offered to return it at no extra cost (hallelujah!). I went to Walmart’s website immediately and processed a refund. They sent me a pre-paid return label which I then forwarded to Jinio.

are bubble wraps not a thing walmart?
When all of my stuff have arrived, I immediately paid for it. I was kind of surprised when I saw Paypal upon checking out. I chose that option and paid $26.96 in total which was not too bad I think. I was able to save a lot from their consolidation, I reckon.

jinio take2.1

A summary in timeline

  • June 16   – First parcel reflected in my account
  • June 18   – They sent me an email about the broken makeup from Walmart.
  • June 30   – Last parcel reflected in my account. (This was reflected within the day it was received the fastest so far!)
    •       – Paid via paypal.
  • July 7      – Status is still “paid”. Sent an email about it.
  • July 8      – Received a reply saying some of my items were in PH and is for clearance which might take a week.
  • July 9     – I asked again why the status remained the same if it was already shipped.
  • July 10   – Replied that their tracking system is still in it’s “testing phase” and added that all my stuff is expected to arrive in the PH tomorrow.
  • July 14   – Delivered to our address in the city. Yay!

As I have mentioned before, their provincial partner is LBC (and AP Cargo?) so it was actually delivered by LBC. This time, it took exactly 14 calendar days.

Overall thoughts: I like that they offered to return my broken items and that they did it without any fuss. So my refund from Walmart was processed hassle-free. Another plus is that I got my stuff in it’s original packaging save for the one from Amazon which was repacked. They also added more bubble wraps and paper inside the box itself for added protection. I would recommend them for those who are in need of true consolidation or those who wants to order from Amazon or other sellers that ship items in different parcels. However, I am a bit hesitant to ship some bigger items since they might cost me an arm and a leg and there is no option for the much cheaper sea cargo. I hope they can maybe work on that.



39 thoughts on “Jinio PH: Take 2 Review

      1. Hi, I tried requesting for a Bill of Lading from Jinio, but this was what they replied. Odd.
        Jinio BIll of Lading does not indicate our clients as the consignees.
        As mentioned in the previous email the Bill of Lading and other documents Amazon requires must be addressed in your name. The Bill of Lading of shipments through Jinio is addressed to Jinio.


  1. Hi. According to their rates ( there’s a duties and taxes to some items.

    I am ordering a laptop around 5 pounds so their electronic fee is around $42 + $30 from duties and taxes? Is this the right way to compute their rate? Or is it just around $42? Thank you!


  2. Hi! can I have an idea like, how much did your items cost? Kasi Ive tried some carriers and they actually overestimate items an charge way too much. MSB doesnt care how much you spent on your orders but others would want to include that in their charges. Im looking at getting Jinio but im hesistant if they will charge me more for a $70 worth of items


    1. Hi! As I bought a variety of stuff and from separate merchants, I’m not sure of the total. I guess a little over a $100? Anyway, I think Jinio, LBC and MSB is similar in that they don’t really factor in the price of your stuff unless you’ll want additional insurance (e.g. Jinio offers free insurance coverage of up to $100, if above $100, additional coverage is available at 4% of declared value. Same with LBC but their free coverage is up to $500 of DV). If your total is $70, I’m sure you won’t have to worry about additional charges. It’s the weight and dimensions that you should watch out for 🙂


  3. Hi from iloilo here! Need help 😅 Still confused with the work around buying stuffs from US. I’m planning to buy and mostly baby stuffs for my lil’ one. I’ve read your review from lbc shipping cart to jinio. Was about to go with lbc. Good thing i thought of looking for reviews before doing that. I then found out your bad experience maybe? From lbc. And skipped with your last jinio review and checked on to your latest one. Really hopping i could get help from you. 🙏🏻 Or if there’s any way we could be in contact?


    1. Hi! I was actually going to give them another try as my experience isn’t the worst but seeing the comments above stopped me from doing so. If you have questions feel free to do so on my tumblr, just click the link to my account on the side bar. I find it more convenient there as I made private most of my social media accounts and you can ask anonymously there too 🙂


    1. I’m not sure what you mean by charging the items as one or separately. They do, however, measure the items together if they came in one package. And they do consolidate so you can pay and have 2 separate orders shipped together 🙂


  4. Thanks for the review!

    I’m glad that Jinio processed your return for free. I ordered something from Amazon recently, but the item that arrived at their warehouse had the wrong color. I processed the return, but Jinio was charging me a Processing Fee. I felt that the Processing Fee was unfair for the customer since it was an error on Amazon’s end. I wrote them an e-mail requesting if they could waive it. Fortunately they did, but the person responding was rude in doing so and made it appear he was doing me a favor. He even argued back by justifying that it was not Jinio’s fault as well.

    If the Return were requested because of something on my part, I would not complain. I just couldn’t take it in principle that the customer be charged for someone else’s mistake and for whoever is behind be so unsympathetic about it. So much for customer service.

    I hope my experience with Jinio would be better in the future. If I still decide to go with them.

    Thanks again!


    1. What a pity! You’re right, you had legitimate reasons to have it returned and you processed it yourself so there shouldn’t be any charges at all. I do hope it doesn’t happen again.
      And thank you for sharing your experience! Good luck on your future purchases 🙂


      1. I ordered the same item you got from Walmart, the Reserve your Cabana highlighter and it, too, unsurprisingly came in the mail broken, As expected, Jinio notified me about the sad state of the said item through email. You previously mentioned that they didn’t charge you any extra fees for returning the damaged product and you just had to forward them the pre-paid return label that Walmart sent you. I was expecting that I would get the same treatment you received and have it be returned for no extra cost to me, the customer. However, they were asking for a $5 charge for returning the item, which I find ridiculous because it was certainly not the customer’s fault that the product arrived smashed. I don’t understand why they’re charging a $5 fee for the processing of the return when the said item is eligible for free returns. They couldn’t possibly charge you for the shipping fee of the return, could they?

        I already sent them an email with an inquiry regarding the fee for returning a damaged item when I didn’t request a return just because I changed my mind about it (e.g. Sephora returns) and a firm refusal to pay for any extra charges for something that is out of my control. I am presently awaiting their response and I could only hope that I’ll have a positive experience dealing with their customer service.

        P.S. They sure now respond slower than they did before. It only took a matter of hours before I got any sort of replies from them before but now, they take at least a day to answer an email.


        1. Hi! That’s too bad. Personally I think $5 is too much especially since it’s not a mistake on your end but rather, the shipper’s/the merchant’s. I’d also like to include, technically, I was the one who processed the return as I was the one who contacted Walmart about the return and did the necessary steps to get the pre paid return label. However, they did the “returning” part. Still, $5 is too much for that. I do hope they can sort it out for you soon without additional fees. Good luck dear!


      1. Hi! Yes that’s what I meant thanks so much! 😀 Am actually about to try it. I already ordered some items and am having them shipped to the warehouse. Hope all would be well! Also may I add, did you have to pay for any extra fees? Because paypal payments usually have like a 5% fee on top of your payment for buyer protection right? 🙂 Really sorry for a ton of questions. It’s my first time to try a forwarder.


        1. Actually, I haven’t had to pay any other fees other than what Jinio was asking. I’ve used Paypal for years now and I never had to pay any fee other than the amount I had to settle with the merchant. Take this order for example… my shipping charges with Jinio were $26.96, so I paid $26.96. No more than that.

          Good luck with your packages!


  5. Does jinio combine shipment for total weight before payment?

    Example I bought item A (5.1lbs) and bought another item B (0.6 lbs) from different purchase date/ seller

    does jinio compute the total weight of both item before shipping the item?

    Example 1 :
    combined item A & B for total of 5.7 lbs round off to 6 lbs


    Example 2:
    jinio compute it as saparate items? (round off)
    item A : 6 lbs
    item B : 1 lbs
    Total : 7 lbs

    Thanks 🙂


    1. I believe your first example to be the case with them. Combine then round off… which I think is another strength of their consolidation service. I believe they also addressed this in their FAQ’s.


  6. Hi, may I ask what was the volumetric weight/ dimensions of box for this order and actual weight as well? I’m planning to have bags shipped by Jinio but a bit worried with their minimification process. I bet my bag fits in the box same as yours. thanks for your help!


    1. I didn’t take note of the dimensions of the box it came in. Though from their comparison info, my original chargeable weight for this transaction was 7.89lbs and the minified chargeable wt was 3.53lbs. This wasn’t probably very helpful at all… sorry.


  7. That is odd indeed. My name is always written as the consignee whenever I ask a bill of lading from LBC. With Jinio, I havent actually asked a bill of lading from them, I just sent a screenshot of the transaction info page when I processed the sales tax refund. I’m not sure if it was you who sent me an email regarding this matter but if it was you indeed, I sent you a photo of the page I mentioned. If not, you can pm me your email address so I can send it there. Best of luck!


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