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PSA: Colourpop is having a big sale and FREE SHIPPING TO THE PHILIPPINES (WORLDWIDE)


It’s Colourpop‘s birthday so they’re having a big promotion on their site right now. I don’t know when it’ll end but check out their website for updates.

Here are some deets:

Buy 3 liquid lips for $12 (Approx. Php 600 or Php200 a piece!!! Online sellers in Ph sell  these usually at Php400 a piece. That’s a savings of Php 600 if you buy 3!)

Buy 3 pigments or shadows for $10 (Approx. Php 500 or Php167 each. These shadows can retail for Php300 or higher a piece.)


Spend $20 and get  a free Mini Ultra Satin Lip and get another for every $10 you spend. (Maximum of 5 minis per order.)


FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! No minimum!!! Yes, to the Philippines too!

cp shipping

Some notes/tips:

Check out my previous experience ordering directly from Colourpop here.

You have to pay Php112.00 to the post office when claiming your order. Check more information here and here.

You can’t order more than 10 lip products as per the FDA memo. So take advantage of this free shipping promo by splitting your orders if you want to order more than 10 lippies. Again, the post office will charge you Php112 for every parcel but I’d rather pay another Php112 than have my other lippies confiscated.

Enjoy shopping!

Check out what I got here



7 thoughts on “PSA: Colourpop is having a big sale and FREE SHIPPING TO THE PHILIPPINES (WORLDWIDE)

  1. I ordered at colourpop last month, status now is in transit. I ordered more than 10, 13 UML and 1 primer, 😭 (My mistake) , I ordered again today ofcourse it’s inside the limit now. Now, im planning to order again, can i receive different packages under 1 name? Will that be okay? Or should i change the name of every receiver on that package? Pls help. I dont want my package to be confiscated.


    1. I don’t think there’s any issue receiving multiple packages at all, may it be 5 packages or more. I would actually recommend splitting the order into multiple transactions when you plan to buy more than 10 lipsticks.


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