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LBC SHIPPING CART Take 2 Review (2017)

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a blog post, I apologize if my writing has gotten worse lol.

Anyway, Shipping cart reached out to me to inform me of changes they made since my last transaction with them. I lurked their social media accounts and indeed, it seemed like there are less complaints now. So I accepted their invitation to give them another try.

In my last review, I didn’t completely give them a “fail” because although I had encountered some problems, all my stuff arrived on time and in good condition.

shipping cart.PNG

I don’t think they made any changes to their interface. It looked the same to me. Anyway, upon signing up, you will be given an account number along with the address where you can send the items you will buy from US retailers. Please refer to my first review for more details about signing up, the entire process, payment, payment options, etc.

A rundown of how it works:

Sign up > Get a US address > Buy from US retailers using your account number and their warehouse address as your shipping address > Seller sends them to Shipping cart’s warehouse > Shipping cart (SC) receives your package > SC measures your package > SC registers your package in your cart where you can see the measurements > Choose the items you want to send and choose the shipping method (air or sea cargo) > Pay the fees > They consolidate (if necessary) > lastly, SC ships it to your doorstep

For this shipment, I made 4 purchases. Two from Amazon and 2 from Ebay. I had problems with my perfume last time so I wanted to check if it would appear again this time. To my surprise, everything went smoothly.

My 2 orders from Amazon were sent in 4 packages.. I received only 3 because Amazon lost my other package. (I got a refund fortunately) Keep this in mind if you are choosing a forwarder. Some forwarders don’t consolidate so it might cost you more if you are planning on buying a few stuff from Amazon.

lbc shoes only
If you want to know how much it would cost to ship a pair of shoes LOL


  • August 10 – Shoes from Amazon were delivered to their warehouse
  • August 10 – Belkin wireless charging pad from Ebay
  • August 16 – Clinique powder from Ebay
  • August 21 – Perfume from Amazon
  • August 21 – 4 assorted cosmetics
  • August 21- All of my items are in my account.

lbc air

The items were registered in my account in less than 3 days and one even as fast as a 16 minutes! I was so impressed with that. In my previous shipment, it usually took them about 2-5 days to have my stuff registered in their system.

lbc email
Accepted Aug. 22, 2:11am Ph time
lbc emaill
Registered on my account Aug. 22, 2:27am (Ph time) So fast! A fluke? Hopefully not lol
  • August 23- Paid. ( My browser had issues with coupon codes but I didn’t realize that until 2 days later when I used my brother’s computer)
  • ETA: Sept. 4
  • August 30- Actual arrival (4 days early!!! yay!)

It took them 7 calendar days (from the date of payment) to deliver my stuff which is really impressive I should say.

My box!

My tracking details:

LBC shippinh

TIP!!! If you are buying from Amazon, save a screenshot of this page (pic below). You might need it (and the bill of lading) if you are to process a sales tax refund. Mine was approved immediately after sending them screenshots of this page and the bill of lading. (Should I make a separate post on that? I actually got a few questions about it last time lol.)

lbc shoes

Some thoughts:

An issue I had with them in the past was how they weighed my stuff. Two items arrived in their warehouse together and had a total (actual) weight of 1.2lbs but on my account, the two items were separated and had a total (actual) weight of 2.3 lbs. Now, everything seemed fair and were measured accurately.

Another thing that I like is that they remove excess packaging and that they don’t measure the excess packaging. There was a time when SC measured boxes instead of just the items so I’m glad to know they do went back to “real” consolidation. (Amazon sometimes ships packages in large boxes and some forwarders don’t remove that excess packaging so it might cost you a lot more.)

I think all of my issues in the past have been addressed. I would have said contacting them as one of the negative things about them but I believe they made an improvement on that too. During this transaction I had to contact them by filling up a form and having to wait for a day or 2 for them to contact me via email. I found that really inconvenient and not very assuring. However, currently, you can send them an email, a message on Facebook (without having to fill up any form) and (live) chat them up which will definitely assure you of an immediate response.

lbc advisory
lbclive chat
Very yay!


sc livechat
I used paint for this edit lol but look! Live chat! Yay!

Good for: Shipments with multiple orders, buying stuff from different sellers, orders with multiple items fulfilled by different sellers on Amazon/Walmart, shipments needing consolidation and minification (if the seller usually uses a big box for small items). Since they seem to have done away with their tax table/additional charges on electronics then I would think this is good when shipping electronics too. except mobile phones

Overall: Would I try their service again? Absolutely. Even in the past, I wanted to give them another shot since I mentioned, they were able to fulfill their end of the bargain despite the many setbacks I experienced. Now that there was none for this transaction, and they were still punctual, I would definitely be happy to do so again. Especially for my parcels that need consolidation and/or are bulky.

My stuff

Have a nice day!


13 thoughts on “LBC SHIPPING CART Take 2 Review (2017)

  1. Hi! Yung binayaran mo bang shipping fee kay Shipping Cart for all items na inorder mo na yun? Kino-consolidate ba nila yung weight/dimension ng lahat ng items tsaka nila chinacharge yung shipping cost? Or kada isang item iba ang shipping cost then tino-total nila yun? Sorry ang dami kong tanong. 🙂


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