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MyEcasa (2017 Review)


This will be about another third-party US to PH forwarder, MyEcasa. I wanted to post this review last week but I probably accidentally deleted it so this is actually the second time I am writing about it.

Before I get started, I didn’t want to put “review” in the title because it sounds so formal when this isn’t really a review, more like a feedback of sorts. However, I can’t think of a good title for these kind of posts so I’ll just put it there until I can think of a better one.

Storytime! Background of this purchase:

I wanted to buy a newer phone and after reading some reviews, I settled with the Samsung S7 Edge (Goodbye iOs! Also, the finger scanner placement on the S8 was a deal breaker for me). I decided to buy one from the US because I am assured that it came from that country, was made for the US market (I wouldn’t want to end up getting a phone made for the Japanese market without knowing beforehand.) and it’s cheaper (around Php3,000-7000 cheaper depending on the shop). To add, I have had bad experiences with local online stores so that is also not an option for me.

Then I had to look for a forwarder.

  • Shipping cart doesn’t ship mobile phones.
  • Jinio had a $30 additional fee on top of their shipping fees for electronics.
  • MyShoppingBox (MSB) accepts electronics with no additional taxes/fees (I was told their shipping fees are already inclusive of taxes) however they only accept it for sea cargo.
  • JAC seemed to be the most expensive. I tried to estimate the fees using their calculator on their website and I ended up with a total of $52.
  • MyEcasa seemed to be the cheapest as their estimate for my item was only $14 inclusive of taxes.

I read a few reviews and posts online before finally choosing myEcasa. They seemed reliable.

How it works:

Sign up > Use their US address as your shipping address > Pay for your item and have them shipped to their warehouse > (Optional) Register your package on their site (to let them know of your upcoming package but you don’t have to do this) > US courier delivers your item to their warehouse > MyEcasa receives your item > They measure your item and send you an invoice > You can now pay for your item > MyEcasa ships your item to the Philippines > You can pick it up or have it delivered to your doorstep (for an additional fee)

Signing up

Their website doesn’t really look modern but personally, I think it’s user-friendly. It’s simple and easy to navigate.


Signing up is quite easy. I just had to create an account without having to provide any ID of sorts and verify it by clicking the link on the confirmation email they sent.

This transaction

I was thinking of going with Amazon for this transaction but I am not sure who will fulfill the order. I had Amazon prime and even with that, they weren’t very timely with one of my orders and my other package got lost in transit. So I decided to go with Ebay. My problems actually started here. Ebay won’t recognize the address and it was giving a few suggestions on which address I should use. I contacted MyEcasa about it and they told me to either remove the hyphen from NDEX MEC or to put NDEX MEC anywhere near my name instead of being on the address line. I could have ignored Ebay’s warnings but I couldn’t use Paypal if I did. Finally, I got fed up and used Ebay’s own payment system (which is still managed by Paypal). It’s a long story but don’t ever do what I did especially if you are using an international credit card. Paypal will force their conversion rates on top of your banks and you will lose a significant amount during the conversion. I think I paid $15 more because of that. As I mentioned, it’s a long story, so maybe I’ll have to make another post about it. TL;DR: USE PAYPAL CHECKOUT. Anyway, I don’t think it was MyEcasa’s fault. Paypal possibly takes advantage of situations like this. Finally, the payment was processed and the seller was able to ship it out immediately.

I then registered my package on their website. It looks like this:

I’m not sure if you HAVE to do it but I thought it might save them some time if I did. It’s not too difficult anyway.

After having registered my item. It’s now in my account.

USPS (the domestic courier the seller used) made their first delivery attempt on a Saturday and understandably, the warehouse was closed. I wasn’t worried about that but I remembered the 28th was a holiday in the Philippines and I’m sure USPS would attempt delivery on that day. I sent them a message on Facebook if they their warehouse is closed on that day and thankfully, they weren’t.

A day after receiving my item, they sent me an invoice. I was told it could’ve been earlier but because the package arrived at 4:45pm, they weren’t able to process it on the same day as their cut off was at 4:00pm. I’ve been corresponding with them on Facebook at this point and I got a message from them about my invoice. I thought it was a nice touch.

I then paid via Paypal and I got a confirmation email after a few hours. My dashboard on their site wasn’t updated immediately. The status was still “Pending payment” after several hours but they assured me that the payment was received on their end.

Payment page
Payment confirmation

Summary in timeline:

  • August 20 – Signed up
  • August 24 – Bought my item on Ebay
  • August 24- Seller shipped item to MyEcasa warehouse via USPS
  • August 26 – USPS attempted delivery but business was closed.
  • August 28 (PST) – USPS delivered the item successfully.
  • August 30 (PhST)- Received billing invoice from MyEcasa
  • August 30- Paid the shipping fee via Paypal
  • ETA : Sept. 15 (when I first looked) then was changed to Sept. 18

At this point, I was a taken aback a bit because I wasn’t expecting the ETA to be 19 calendar days after payment. Anyway, I tried convincing myself that this is the maximum as their site claims 10 business days or less.

  • Sept 12 – Item is in transit from US to PH. (After 13 days?)
  • Sept 14 – Actual arrival in the PH.
  • Sept 14 – Item was forwarded to NinjaVan (their local courier)
  • ETA to Iloilo (As per NinjaVan’s website): Sept. 15-20
  • Sept 19 – Received item.

A few things:

  1. How long did it take? From their warehouse to my doorstep- 20 calendar days.
  2. How much did you pay? $14.14 or Php 742.21 (at the time of conversion). Their estimate was very accurate. Check the email of the invoice they sent me above for the breakdown.
  3. How did you pay? Paypal.
  4. Other payment options? Dragonpay.
  5. How long, overall? From the date the seller shipped the item to the date it arrived on my doorstep would be 26 calendar days.
  6. Did they open your box? Nope.
  7. Did they send you a picture of your item? No.
  8. Tracking? None. MyEcasa didn’t provide a tracking number but you can contact them for updates.
  9. Was it delivered to your doorstep? Yes. I’m from Iloilo so there was an additional $4.62 delivery charge.

Some thoughts:

I wish the transaction was as simple as the timeline I wrote but I had to do some follow-ups and had to contact NinjaVan because they are taking their sweet time delivering the package. Also, I don’t know why there wasn’t any movement for 13 days. It wouldn’t have been an issue had they delivered the item in time. Yes, they were only one business day late but overall, it took 20 calendar days for my item to arrive. Also, NinjaVan kept changing the ETA. It was supposed to arrive on the 15th as reflected in the package but the package’s status didn’t change until the 18th. I contacted them via email but I didn’t receive any response. I sent messages to MyEcasa about it and they made some follow-ups with NinjaVan. At one point, I got really annoyed and offered to pay extra to have them send my item with a different courier. Anyway, the whole ordeal was stressful.

Look at the date written at the bottom

I love that they added more protection for my package. Well, I’m assuming they did because the whole package seemed bigger than the measurements they wrote on my invoice. I actually used this material they sent along with my package as a background for some photos like the one below lol.

Would recommend for: Shipments with electronics, small, individual items shipped in small boxes (since they don’t have a minimum weight requirement and they don’t minify nor consolidate) and orders with items exceeding the commercial quantity (like 20 lipsticks lol)

Overall thoughts:

Would I try them again? Maybe yes. Initially, I would have said no. However, their customer service is really good. They’ve apologized numerous times and one of their staff called me up to explain the situation and the actions they did to remedy it. They seemed to be trying their best. Also, they’re usually prompt when following me up whenever they receive updates. Finally, though the package was delayed, it arrived in a good condition. I just wouldn’t probably use their service for time-sensitive packages.

PS. They gave me coupons five days ago “to  compensate for the inconvenience”. I found it really random as it was nearly two weeks after my transaction with them. I also didn’t write nor send any complaints after receiving my package for them to do this so I was a little  surprised. Nonetheless, it’s a really nice thing to do. Very few Filipino companies seem to do that. That’s customer service done right lol.

Have you tried their service before? How did it go?


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