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I’m  back after a (technically) 9 day trip to South Korea. I fell in love with that country, the people, the oppas (kidding, I didn’t find any lol but there are lots of handsome guys there), the food, the metro, etc.

I’ll be posting a series of blog entries about my trip there and other stuff. I really haven’t written anything in a while. I also have a MyShoppingbox review coming up and hopefully I can post it this week.

I’m trying to make up some time I lost since I have to replenish my funds lol SoKor was expensive for me, a Filipino living in the Philippines where people can get a full meal with dessert for $2 or less.

If only the embassy had given me a multiple entry visa, I would’ve immediately booked another flight there for Spring lol. But it is what it is.

Anyway, I apologize if I haven’t responded to some comments here. This ^ is why.

Also, please DON’T send me direct messages on any of my social media accounts. You can send me a tweet, an email, an ask on my Tumblr page or a comment here but no private messages please. I don’t feel comfortable with that. And please DON’T search my Facebook account, add me or send me a message there. There’s a reason I don’t share my Facebook account here. Please respect my privacy.

I hope no one took offense with that. I’m just not very sociable (I’m working on it) and I don’t like the tone of a few of these DMs. Please be reminded that I am not a representative of any of the agencies or companies I have mentioned or written about in my blog. I am also a consumer or a traveler, like you.

Til next time!


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