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My Shopping Box Review (2017)


Another forwarder review! If you haven’t read my posts about other forwarders, check them out: LBC, Jinio and MyEcasa

How it works:

Like other forwarders, MyShoppingbox (will be shorted to MSB from this point forward) provides you a US address where you can have your items shipped to. Then from their warehouse, they will ship your others to your doorstep in the Philippines. MSB used to have an annual membership fee of $25 (or free if you have a BDO card) but now it is completely free. Yays. For their rates, please check here

The process:
Sign up > Use their US address as your shipping address > Pay for your item and have them shipped to their warehouse > US courier delivers your item to their warehouse > MSB receives your item > They measure your item and registers your item in your account’s dashboard > Authorize your method of shipment aka choose the method (air/sea cargo) and pay > MSB ships your item to the Philippines > Item gets delivered to your doorstep

For more info: click here


Background of this purchase:

I’ve been planning on buying a coat from the US since I haven’t found a trench coat I like locally. I chanced upon this coat on eBay and instantly liked it. I’ve always been meaning to try out MyShoppingBox so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I actually had made two orders at the same time. The other one was two tank tops (which I planned on using as a base layer lol I’m doing an experiment, I’ll post the results in another entry) from Adidas. I used Jinio for the other purchase because MSB doesn’t consolidate. In addition, I didn’t use Jinio for this order because I was worried the coat will be 5lbs which is way too much for me. MSB offers sea cargo so I was thinking it would be a better option in case the package is too heavy.

Signing up:

The process was easy. Just fill up the form and you are good to go.

This transaction:

As I mentioned, this shipment is for a coat. I bought it on eBay and asked the seller to pack it as small and compact as possible. She replied in the affirmative. When the item got to MSB, I was happy to see that it was only that the volumetric weight was 2lbs but the actual weight was 3lbs so the chargeable weight was, of course, three pounds 😦

Anyway, I paid once I got the email that it was ready to be authorized. Now the waiting game starts. Ten to twelve business days could be as long as more than 20 calendar days and you’ll have to count it yourself as they don’t put any estimated date of delivery. (Side note: I mentioned above that I had another item with Jinio and I was expecting that order to be late since I’ve read some comments that they aren’t as punctual as before. Fortunately, it arrived earlier than MSB and was on time. I guess it differs according to location? I think? I am not paid by Jinio in any way btw.)

Summary in timeline:

  • Oct. 23 – Bidding ended (It was a charity auction)
  • Oct. 24 – Seller shipped item
  • Oct. 26 (PST) / Oct 27 (PHT)- Item was delivered at MSB’s warehouse in Burbank
  • Oct. 27 – Got an email notification of the arrival of the package; package was registered in my account
  • Oct. 27- Paid via their app and authorized item for shipment
  • Nov. 21 – Received item.
Their app

I can’t remember the other entries like when it arrived in Manila because it doesn’t show up in my shipment history.

msb 3

Some stuff:

  1. How many days did it take overall? Including the shipping time from the seller til it arrived on my doorstep would be 29 calendar days.
  2. How many days did it take from their warehouse to your doorstep? 25 calendar days, 14 business days (that is, excluding the ASEAN holidays, All Saint’s Day and weekends, of course)
  3. How much did you pay? $17.43
  4. How did you pay? I chose the BDO check out using their app.
  5. Did you pay tax? The total amount for shipment is inclusive of tax.
  6. Dimensions of your item? 8 x 8 x 5 inches
  7. Actual Weight? 3 pounds. (So my chargeable weight was 3lbs)

Good for: Orders from a single merchant and items not needing consolidation/minification (Like maybe, a lens from Canon/Nikon), orders with items in commercial quantity (since they don’t open the package nor take pictures of it)

Overall thoughts:

I wasn’t very happy with their service at all. I find customer service not so friendly and they haven’t said a word of apology for being late. They could use a little infusion of emotions in their correspondence since they sounded a little cold in their responses to my emails at times. Speaking of emails, their replies are not the fastest but they do reply. I haven’t had any email unanswered by them. So that’s a plus.

They encoded my item immediately in their system and thus the item was on my account in less than a day. They were also able to ship the item to Manila faster than Jinio. As I mentioned, the shipping history didn’t include such details so I can’t remember exactly when it was shipped from the US to Manila. With all these, you’d think they would be able to deliver my stuff faster but they still ended up delivering my stuff late.

Also, as I mentioned, I paid using their app. I wanted to try it out so I downloaded it from the Playstore. However, I don’t recommend you using it until they have put out a newer, better verson. It has crashed many times and my phone has issued this report when I ran device maintenance:

Would I try them again? For now, maybe not. However, I’m open to trying them out in the future if other couriers can’t meet the requirements for a shipment I might have.

If you would like to try them out, here is a referral link. Here’s a code if you can’t access the link: NAVFUJZO.


I think this is a new thing for them. You might be wondering why am I giving a referral code if I don’t sound very willing to try them again. The referral code gives you shipping credit you can avail on your shipment. So I’m posting it so people who want to try it out can get a little discount. You may use it, you might not use it… your choice, no pressure 😀

Have a nice day!


One thought on “My Shopping Box Review (2017)

  1. I have been thinking of getting the MSB services but I wanted to read reviews first. Thank you for this post. It was so helpful and informative. Seeing that you have had not-so-good experience with MSB, I won’t be availing of their services any time soon.

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