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Of the two seasons we have here in the Philippines, winter is not one of them. With that said, it’s a bit harder to look for winter clothes in brick and mortar stores around here. Luckily, we are at the age of online shopping and e-commerce so we have more choices. In this post, I will write where you can get winter clothes in the Philippines without having to spend more than your pocket money. (And other places where you can get stuff for winter that aren’t so cheap)

I went to Korea on the 4th week of November til the first week of December so technically, it was late autumn/early winter. If you are going to a colder place (like Harbin) on a colder day (like during deep winter) you might need more than what I am about to share.

THRIFT SHOPS! Ukay ukay! UK!

When I went to Baguio, I saw lots of jackets and some of them look really nice. While it was not my first time in an Ukay market, it was my first time buying ukay stuff. I bought 3. One was a parka I really love. It only cost me Php100. I didn’t even had to haggle (I’m bad at negotiating.) I had it dry-cleaned and even before that, it looked really nice and it didn’t have any blemishes or discolorations.

Next was a white GAP jacket. The material is really nice. It’s thick, very thick. The color looks pristine without any yellowish spots. My grandma didn’t believe me when I told her I bought this at the ukay. She initially scolded me a little for buying such expensive, thick jacket that I might not be able to use because of the weather here lol. I bought this for Php60. It was too large for me though so I had it sent to a tailor for resizing.

Third was a trench coat. It looked really nice at first but I am a bit disappointed with this. It set me back Php200 and the material is thin. I had it resized too. The color is black, not faded so that’s good.

Out of the three, I only brought the parka and I used it when we were hiking Hallasan in Jeju. We got to experience our first snow there and luckily, the parka was waterproof. It is definitely, one of my best purchase ever.

This parka helped me survive a snowy day in Hallasan lol. If you want to hike in Winter, wear a more appropriate attire than this. You don’t want to risk getting hypothermia.


Yes, some sellers from those ukay stalls in Baguio sell their stuff online and for cheap too. I saw a couple of them on Shopee, Ebay and lots of them are on Instagram. Just search for the tags “baguiobased”, “coatsph”, “winterph”, “parkaph” and the like to see some of them. I can’t recommend an online store that sells used coats/jackets/boots because I haven’t personally tried it. I wished I discovered them earlier but it was too late when I did because I already have all the things I needed and the stuff might not have arrived before my trip. Anyway, choose one that is reputable.

Photos of the stuff in this screengrab are obviously not mine. These are what showed up when I searched for #WinterPH


There are lots of coats and wool-lined jackets there. I also saw some ear warmers, beanies and scarves. They’re not the cheapest but some are still cheap nonetheless. I saw a down jacket for only Php800! Brand new! I didn’t buy it though because I didn’t think I’d need such a jacket (I was wrong.)


I think this has to be said lol. Southeast Asian bloggers have been recommending their Heattech line. I do agree to some extent. However, to those who are going to Korea, you might want to consider buying your Heattechs there as it is a little cheaper. We got 2 from their ExtraWarm line for 19900 won and I got the normal Heattech top for 12900 won and you can still get a sales tax refund if your purchase exceeds 30000won. However, Uniqlo PH does have some promotions at times so watch out for that too. You might be able to get their stuff at Php200 cheaper if you do.


Are they actually effective? Kinda. I don’t really feel the warmth retention technology but they are really good for layering as the material isn’t bulky and doesn’t retain moisture. So as base layers go, this is good.

I bought 2 but I might need to buy more because I personally think these look good on me lol

H&M and Forever21

I scored this really nice pair of boots during Forever21’s Black Friday (hah, Black Friday in the Philippines lol) sale. It originally retailed for Php1700 but I got it for Php468! Actually, the price on the tag was Php699, imagine my and my best friend’s surprise when the register rang up to Php200 less than what’s on the tag. It was actually the only one left and fortunately, it was my size!

This picture doesn’t do it justice but the boots looked really good.

F21 also has woolen scarves and beanies which were very cute ( at nearly Php900, they were too pricey for me lol)

H&M also has nice looking boots and a few winter jackets which were really pricey for me so… nevermind lol. The boots weren’t very expensive though. There were some for only Php900. If you are looking for thick woolen socks, H&M also has them.


As I mentioned previously, there are some secondhand/preloved clothing here. You might get a bargain. Also, recently, I noticed that there are some China-based sellers there. So it’s kinda like buying from Aliexpress without having to go to the post office to claim your package! Yay! They also accept COD but they don’t do credit cards or Alipay. I saw a store who was probably having a sale and got a lot of stuff for Php790.

My shopee haul! Straight from China.

What I bought was: 2 fur-lined leggings (which costs around $10 for the quality on Aliexpress), three beanies, one scarf, a soda dispenser and a coat. I think normally, the coat itself would cost more than Php700 so I was really elated with this purchase lol. The coat was cotton though. (Here’s a tip: try avoiding stuff made with or made of cotton when looking for winter gear, they’re cheap but not very good when it comes to wicking moisture.)

This is the coat and one of the beanies I got from Shopee

Fur or wool lined leggings are a must when dressing up for winter. These 2 I got from Shopee kept me warm with just one layer (on not so cold days) and they made my legs look skinnier lol


Screengrabbed from Alibaba

The beanie and scarf were okay.


If you still have time before your trip, do check this site out. There are a lot of cheap options there like fur-lined leggings for $5 (the quality might not be the best though), knitted scarves for $6, knitted tops for $10, etc. Just remember to always check for feedback. There are lots of Russians buying and reviewing stuff on that site and I’m sure they know how to deal with winter. Check this out before buying from Aliexpress and check this out too

Screengrabbed from Aliexpress.com


It’s where I got most of my winter accessories. As I was avoiding all things cotton, I was looking for wool or wool-blend socks. I was lucky enough to have found a few here and on a discount too! They were having a BOGO sale on socks so I bought 4 pairs. I also got 2 gloves here, one was 100% fleece and the other was and the other was and can be used for touch-screen devices. I also got a pair of stockings. They were all Php88 each except for the socks which were Php88 for 2 pairs. I’ll post a Daiso haul soon.

The gloves offered only a little warmth. I would recommend getting yourself a better quality one if you are going somewhere colder. I think I underestimated the cold so I didn’t really bother looking into it.

These didn’t really offer much warmth but it was enough to shield our fingers from the cold wind. This definitely won’t be enough in colder weather conditions.
Wool socks or wool blend socks are really good for winter as they don’t retain moisture thus you won’t feel clammy

SM Malls

SM carries a good selection of scarves and some of them cost as cheap as Php199. I got a 70% Pashimina wool scarf for Php250. (I know so much about fabrics and clothing materials now lol).



I do some shopping on US sites and I used forwarders like LBC Shipping cart, Jinio, MyEcasa. There are a lot of cheaper options on here. For base layers, I looked into Ideology’s ID warm, 32degrees heat base layers and (this isn’t cheap) Adidas’ Climawarm compression base tops. I actually didn’t buy any of those because the couriers have been late in delivering my items recently. I bought a wool coat on Ebay, had it delivered via air cargo and it reached my doorstep 29 days after I paid the US seller. A tip: Don’t buy a coat from the US unless you really want that coat and can’t find it here or if the price difference is really high. I paid nearly $18 just to have the coat shipped here in 4 weeks. However, if you really want to buy branded or designer winter wear for a cheaper price and larger selection, then I suggest you buy from the US and use a forwarder. Or you can just buy in outlet stores in other countries.

A coat I got from US Ebay. I love it!!!


Lazada’s Taobao collection has a few winter offerings. Do check them out. The prices are very competitive with Aliexpress but the shipping is faster and they’re delivered straight to your doorstep.

lazada taobao.PNG
Screengrabbed from Lazada


I know I haven’t shared this before but my friend reminded me that I should. If you want to save a little more use Ebates (for international sites) and Shopback (for local sites). When you use these sites for online purchases, a portion of your purchase is given back to you as cashback. And you know what that means, extra savings! More info here and here.

Get saving! Screengrabbed from Shopback

(Those links are affiliate links I get a little when you sign up but the best thing is you get a bonus when signing up– which you might not get when you sign up without a referral link/code. You don’t have to use my links though. I’m writing this for full disclosure.)

I think that’s all for this post. I will probably post more about my trip to Korea soon.

TIP: When buying from e-commerce sites with Chinese or international sellers add generic keywords like “winter” “autumn” and the like to get more results. Eventually, you might find better deals and discounts 😉

Til then,


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